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Nikon D50 announced

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As expected, Nikon today introduced their D50 six megapixel CCD digital SLR, positioned as essentially a cheaper and easier to use alternative to the D70. Digital Photography Review has posted their preview of the D50 based on a pre-production version of the camera, and detailed the notable differences between it and the D70: the D50 has improved auto focus (especially for motion tracking), a new auto AF mode (switching between single and continuous AF, depending on the subject), a lower resolution but newer generation metering sensor (and larger spot metering circle), sports a 1/4000 sex max shutter speed, 2.5 fps continuous shooting, better viewfinder eyecup, LCD monitor increase to 2.0-inches, takes SD cards instead of CF, is slightly smaller and lighter than the D70, and has had several features removed or simplified to make the camera overall easier to use. The D50 will be available in silver and black bodies, and bundled as a kit with the new AF-S DX 18-55 mm lens, also announced today. It should hit the market in June; the kit will retail for $899.

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