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TiVo WishList Roulette

Peter Rojas

The Onion A.V. Club just invented our new favorite pastime: TiVo WishList Roulette. The key to all the fun is that besides letting you set your TiVo to automatically record every show or movie starring a certain actor or made by a certain director, you can also set a WishList for specific keywords, and your TiVo will record any program with that word in the description. The peeps at the A.V. Club decided it'd be a laugh enter the word "war" as a WishList, and after several days they got the expected batch of military documentaries and movies, Viva La Bam, 3rd Rock From The Sun, a documentary about Tupac and Biggie, and Hey Arnold!. Hmmm, maybe this isn't as fun as it sounds.

[Via PVRBlog]

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