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The Cellphone Stun Gun

Cellphone Stun Gun

Forget all of our endless feature lists and ad nauseum whining about what we want our cellphones to do — we've found the perfect mobile. The Cellphone Stun Gun is the be-all, end-all of covert non-lethal self defense. Those perps won't even know what hit them when you unload what looks like an unassuming, mild-mannered phone but delivers a payload of 180,000 volts. There's a safety switch to prevent you from frying the family jewels whilst in your pocket — or, take advantage of the free included (and quite sexy) leather carrying case. Oh, and the catch is that it doesn't actually work as a cellphone, which in the end is probably for the best since its vibrate mode is a little, um, intense.

[Via textually]

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