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VeriChip RFID implants: not just for executives anymore


Looks like the officers in blue want to get in on that RFID implant craze that is all the rage. Bergen County Police Chief Jack Schmidig has volunteered to reprazent for the law enforcement sector by having the VeriChip implantable ID injected in his arm. Now, if he takes a bullet in the line of duty, all his medical records will be right with him — it's like these RFID chips are the ultimate man-purse. Little. Invisible. Different. Of course, being invisible and all, how exactly is the hospital going to know to look for the chip in the first place? Do U.S. hospitals happen to have RFID-scanning infrastructure lying around just in case one of the 50-odd chipped individuals walks in, or does the implant actually leave the Mark of the Beast so they can tell on sight?

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