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What is configd and why is it running on my Mac?

Scott McNulty

The Unix underpinnings of OS X deliver unto us Mac users many good things. We have protected memory, great multitasking, lots of open source software, and heaps of security.

But, as the sages of the 'Facts of Life' have taught us, you have to take good with the bad. Thanks to Unix being designed by geeks who were more interested in have a fast and rock solid OS and less so with having  naming conventions that would make sense to non geeks we have to deal with a number of oddly named processes that may or may not be very important.

Enter Westwind Computer with its list of process names and what they do. It hasn't been updated in a little while, but it is still relevant.

Oh, and configd 'Maintains dynamic configuration information about the computer and its environment (e.g. network).'


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