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Cellphone radiation is dangerous/not dangerous, chapter 8037

cellphone radiation

Gather 'round, kids, for the next installment of the ever-loving "is cellphone radiation dangerous" saga. Today's special guests are Japan's major cell carriers (NTT DoCoMo, KDDI, Vodafone and TU-KA Cellular Tokyo), who inform us that radio frequency energy from mobile base stations does not affect human cells. They exposed four human cell lines to steady doses of RF radiation at a level about 10 times stronger than the limits set forth in the guidelines for mobile phone base stations, which themselves are again stronger than the emissions from the average phone. All of which sounds very promising, and if only it weren't for that nagging fact that the entire study was funded by the cell carriers, and used research techniques developed by the cell carriers, we might be tempted to put an end to this saga for good — but we'll leave our tinfoil hats on until we see some independent studies confirm this.

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