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Disney pimps out portable DVD players for kids

Disney princess PVP

Well, we suppose if all the kids already have cellphones, and they're getting hooked up with mobile TV, they may as well all get personal video players as well — and we'll give ya one big fat guess who's gonna give it to them. Disney is tricking out some DVD players with character-themed designs, like lovely little Miss Disney Princess above, Power Rangers (peep after the jump), and, of course, good ol' Mickey. The devices can play DVDs, CDs and MP3s plus, by popular demand from all the under age 9 focus groups polled, the ability to display digital photos (what, all these kids have digital cameras now, too? We can't keep up!). The models with 3.5-inch screens will go for $129.99, with a 7-inch clamshell model for $199.99. Even adjusting our allowances from back in the day for inflation, we can only imagine Disney's reaching a long arm right around into parents' pocketbooks with this kind of stuff — just think what kind of nest egg good ol' Walt will be tapping into once he's woken from cryogenic slumber.

Power Rangers PVP

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