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RFID secures prisoners and travellers in Japan

JAL IC Check-in Service

Fellow gadget-happy blog We Make Money Not Art dug up a couple of items from the RFID in Japan blog about how the technology is finding some rather disparate uses in the country.  One finds RFID being installed in prisons, where instead of iron griddles, prison windows will be made of tempered glass, and to keep tabs on prisoners they'll wear a jacket with an RFID tag attached so that security guards can track their whereabouts on a screen (why don't they just call the place The Village and get it over with?). The other bit of news is Japan Airlines' rollout of the JAL IC Check-in Service, which lets travellers check-in for their flight using either an RFID-chipped FeliCa phone or an RFID card.  The service is in some airports already, and will be in some 44 major airports across Japan next week.

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