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Samsung's shakin' SCH-n300 cellphone

Samsung SCH-n330

We mentioned Samsung's new SCH-n330 cellphone a few days ago but neglected to point out that not only does the thing vibrate, but the vibrations are synced to the ring tone. The VibeTonz technology from Immersion is also designed to work with games, basically working the same as a console game controller's rumble feature. And since we know what you're all thinking, you'll be glad to know that Wired News already asked the question so we don't have to, to which Immersion exec John Grundy bluntly replied: "We don't participate in the sex industry". Other companies aren't so coy, but have other concerns. Our quote of the day goes to Dennis Adamo, CEO of Wicked Wireless: "I'm concerned about radiation."

[Via MocoNews]

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