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Novatel's Expedite 3G HSDPA PC cards

Ryan Block, @ryan
Merlin UMTS card

As usual, we're still working on getting the networks rolled out before we can use any devices on them, but that didn't stop Novatel Wireless from announcing their new Expedite EU730 PC card (pictured right is their current UMTS offering), which is the first device we've yet heard of intended for the US HSDPA market (aka, Cingular's 3G network). The rest of the world will have a Novatel card too (the Expedite EU740), but the real bonus here is that both cards will feature quad-band EDGE and GPRS data in addition to that region-specific HSDPA spectrum support (850/1900MHz over here). 14Mbps on a laptop, here we come; EV-DO, we hardly knew ye.

[Via Geekzone]

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