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Centrix MVP-100 review

Marc Perton
centrix mvp100

With all the me-too portable video players out there, we've come to sort of take it for granted that new models from obscure companies aren't exactly going to wow us with their features. So, we were pleased to find that the Centrix MVP-100 (coming soon to a continent near you) was ranked by Fabrizio Pilato at MobileMag as having the "smoothest most vivid playback I have seen on any hard drive based player to date." On the downside, Fab says that the player — which sports a 20GB drive, support for all the usual protocols, and a 3.5-inch TFT — includes the "worst digital camera I have ever seen." Early rumors had the cam at 3 megapixels, but it's been scaled back to a mere 1.3 in the production model. Too bad. But we doubt you'll be buying this for the camera.

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