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Pure Digital Pocketdab 2000 DAB radio and MP3 player

pocketdab 2000

Pure Digital, makers of The Bug, just announced their new portable audio device combining a DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio with an MP3 player in a silvery package a bit smaller than the iPod.  Apparently, the entomologists have left the marketing team as the product goes by the rather unswank moniker of, ready, Pocketdab 2000 <yawn>. (Gee, is it Y2K ready?)  No actual internal memory, the MP3s have to be stored on SD cards (a 64MB card is included), so expect to shell out even more cash if you want to get a couple of gigs on there. You might want to make the investment, since the upside of having lots of storage is that the player has plenty of space to save radio programs and tracks directly to its SD card (it also has a TiVo-like feature called ReVu that'll let you pause and rewind live digital radio). The Pocketdab 2000's tri-band receiver handles all Band III and L-Band DAB, as well as FM (UKW) signals for use in the UK and beyond.  As if that wasn't enough, it also includes the new TxtStor feature that allows you to save all that scrolling DAB text info (such as phone numbers, track names, etc.) that is broadcast by most stations.  Look for it in your local high street shop next month for about £200.

[Via Pocket-lint]

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