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Luxpro at it again with the EZ Tangent and Top Tangent

Lucpro EZ Tangent

They can't, they won't and they don't stop pumping out iPod shuffle ripoffs. This time around, Luxpro's new potentially hypothetical "products" one-up the Super Tangent (nee Super Shuffle) by addressing that ubiquitous beef about Apple's shuffle: they add an OLED screen. It's monochrome and it's tiny (128 x 64 pixels — and that's the bigger of the two), but hey, we're sure it will still be cause for celebration from the haters. Other than that, it's just the same unit, with FM radio and voice recording in both 512MB and 1GB versions. The only difference between the EZ Tangent and the Top Tangent (pic after the jump) is the screen orientation, which in the latter is flush vertical instead of perpendicular to the unit's orientation. Guess Luxpro couldn't figure out how to rock that whole G-sensor thing, even in their imaginations.

Luxpro Top Tangent

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