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Live Luggage = first class pimpin'


live luggageDon't have a lowly-paid sherpa or illegal au-pair to carry your luggage?  Well in November, you too can enjoy the hi-life when Live Luggage releases their line of power assisted luggage. These mofos will feature PAN motor technology which essentially means all the electronics, software, and motors are built into the wheels. They are powered by a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery pack which can hold a charge for about 2.5 miles of effortless trudge.  Want more, sure you do - an Anti-Gravity handle transfers 84% of the load over the main wheels, controls the wheel speed, and conceals an integrated brolly (umbrella to us Yanks).  The harder you squeeze the handle, the faster it goes - take your hand off, and the motor stops. And these boys are B-I-G big, holding up to 94 litres in an 840mm high by 560mm wide by 340mm deep case. Heavy you ask?  Nope, weighing in at a respectable 8 kgs (17.6 lbs), you'll still have room to transport another 32 kgs (70.5 lbs) of Beefeaters (or Ray's Pizza depending on direction of travel) 'tween the US and UK (according to British Airways). You can even get your pimp on with over 120 wheel hub designs to choose from.  Oh, and is that Anna Kournikova in the video?  Got your attention now, huh?  The target retail price will be £397 ($750).

[Via bookofjoe]

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