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SavitMicro's EZ-U DVR multi-cam network video surveillance hub

SavitMicro EZ-U DVR

So maybe you're either paranoid or really keen on getting a multi-cam recording of your next soiree. Either way, this EZ-U DVR device (which is not, contrary to popular belief, a UFO) from SavitMicro sounds like it could handle the duty with aplomb. It handles inputs up to four RCA video inputs simultaneously (looks like you can get a "double unit" device that handles eight ins, or perhaps you can chain two together to get whatever "2 unit" means) without tying up four separate machines. It records in MPEG4 format and is being touted as easy to setup and use — so maybe if home surveillance isn't your bag, it could still make a decent gift for any of the less technically-inclined paranoids in your life.

[Via Akihabara News]

SavitMicro EZ-U DVR 2

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