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Korean mobile carrier offers pet translator service

KTF dog translation service

Sure, in Japan, they can decode babyspeak — but the Koreans have one-upped them by unraveling the great mysteries of your dog's emotions — and sending them to you in SMS format, natch. South Korean dog owners can now have their pets bark into the phone (no, really, that's how it works) and get a text message back with the results of the "translation." Provided by KTF, Korea's second largest carrier, the service can decipher the inner states of 55 different breeds — which apparently only run the gamut of 6 emotions: happy, sad, cheerful, needy, threatened and assertive. We're pretty sure they were using a prototype of this system back when they were filming Lassie, which finally answers your deep-seated childhood question: "How did Timmy know?"

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