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This just in: God more popular than C.K.!

Podcasting News reports that search provider Lycos is calling godcasts the "Hottest Trend In Podcasting". There's even a GodCast Network. Why does that not surprise me?

"During the past month, searches for Godcasts have risen over 355 percent," said Dean Tsouvalas, writer of the Lycos 50 report. "There are no specific 'Pod preachers' being queried, but it's only a matter of time before the 'Billy Graham' of Podcasts emerges," he wrote in an e-mail.

Top 10 Podcast-Related Terms at Lycos for the week ending May 7, 2005.

1. iPod
2. iPod Shuffle
3. iPod Mini
4. Podcasting
5. iPod Accessories
6. Podcast
7. Free iPod Music Downloads
8. Wholesale iPods
9. Godcasts
10. What is a Podcast

Wait a second... "C.K. Sample III" didn't make the Top 10?

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