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Toshiba says: unifying DVD formats may prove too difficult

Blu-ray + HD DVD

Exactly one week after getting some good news on the prognosis of a solution to the impending Blu-ray/HD-DVD format war, it now appears there's some bad news — Toshiba's top negotiator, Yoshihide Fujii, was quoted as saying that unifying the formats "would be extremely difficult at this stage." His comment comes after a weekend of negotiations between Toshiba (in the HD-DVD camp) and Sony/Matsushita (Blu-ray) — which we're picturing as the ultimate geek summer camp with Toshiba and Sony facing each other across the lake and duking it out via tug-of-war and canoe racing — and couldn't be confirmed by a Toshiba spokesperson. Regardless, they appear to be continuing talks, but it's not the best of signs for peace in the home theater.

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