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Cellphones are not dangerous/more dangerous in rural areas

cellphone radiation

The saga continues. The latest in the cellphones dangerous/not dangerous epic tale is that researchers in the UK are claiming that mobile users in rural areas are at a much higher risk of brain cancer than their urban-dwelling counterparts. The idea is that in areas of lower reception, the radiation level is increased in efforts to make up for poor signals, resulting in a three-fold increase in brain tumor diagnosis for those in rural areas. Of course, the sample size was too small and not geographically spread out enough (1400 Swedes), so the chairman of the House of Commons select committee on science and technology called for further research (surprise!) and then came to the next logical conclusion: until that research is done, mobile phones should be banned. Seems highly pragmatic to us. Good thing we've got some rational folks heading up these committees that legislate technology — they sure are looking out for us.

[Thanks, Dave]

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