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FCC mandates 911 access for VoIP

Ryan Block, @ryan

You know it's American government hard at work when it's only way after the fact that we see results on some mission critical biz—just as all the Bells are starting to open up their 911 networks to VoIP providers is the FCC stepping in to require VoIP to have 911 access for all its customers. It's kind of chicken and egg though, because while we're 100% sure there isn't a VoIP phone service provider around that wouldn't jump at the chance to offer proper 911 services, it's up to the networks to grant it to them. Either way, the FCC is giving 'em all 120 days to sort it out and get those people 911—so we're sure to see some massive corporate gouging going on while the Bells wring the VoIP providers for all they're worth. Which will all peter out just as the FCC mandates that all the Bells open themselves up, of course. What a racket.

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