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Wired Exclusive Interview with Will Wright on Spore

Vladimir Cole

Spore's the buzzed-about game of the moment. Wired news interviews its creator, Will Wright, the man behind the best-selling PC game franchise The Sims. Wired didn't score any new screenshots, but the questions they've asked Wright elicit some interesting answers, including some great information about the technology behind the game:

And that is what gives the content high compressibility, because every piece of content can be defined parametrically. Every piece of content has, in essence, a genome, which we can now transport across the net very cheaply, because it's so small, or put a database on your hard drive that has 1,000 creatures and occupies a very small amount of space.

Wright also lets on that he plans to bring a version of Spore to handheld gaming systems.

See the rest of the Joystiq spore coverage here.

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