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M-Systems 176GB Flash Drive

M-Systems FFD Ulta 320 176GB Flash Drive

M-Systems just launched their 3.5-inch, FFD Ultra320 SCSI flash disk in capacities up to 176GB (!) with burst performance of 320MB per second! You'll understand why our palms are a bit sweaty when you consider that those consumer USB flash drives max out at 2GB while reading data at a mere 24MB/sec. As is usual with advances in technology, porn military use is driving the development here since flash disks are highly reliable and can operate in extreme environments — in other words, don't expect to see these at your local Fry's anytime soon. No word on pricing, but considering last year's 90GB model went for $40k (and military toilet seats cost $640) you won't be able to afford one anyway.

[Thanks, TheZodiac]

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