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The Pedalite

Pedalite (bicycle pedal lighting)

Pedalite is a bicycle pedal safety light providing 360 degrees of (super-bright) LED visibility. What's novel here is how these things convert spindle rotation into electrical energy - i.e., no battery or leg numbing, rear-tire-rubbin' generator. And you don't have to remember to turn them off! Sure, most Americans (San Franciscans excluded, but you're probably fine with that) wouldn't dream of using bicycle safety gear for fear of looking like a dork. But far off, magical places like bicycle-happy Amsterdam require nighttime illumination, by law. Ok, they can still simultaneously carry two children, a Ficus tree, and "krat Grolsch" while eating a braadworst without penalty — but you get our point, right? These babies will set you back about 71 Euros ($90US) - about the cost of three (!) stolen used bicycles purchased from a junkie friend. What's odd is that the front, white LEDs flash like the rest requiring yet another light source for forward illumination. Sigh.

[Via Core77]

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