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Tiger Bits: Autocomplete in Cocoa Applications

Scott McNulty

Even though I am a hardened Apple pundit it seems that Tiger has a few tricks up its sleeve for me to discover, or at least for people to email to us in the form of tips which I then take credit for figuring out myself.

If you are in a Cocoa application and typing along, but you just don't feel like typing the rest of the word you are in the middle of just hit the 'Esc' key. A menu with a bunch of different possible completions for the word you started are offered up to you in a nice, scrollable interface. Simply click on the one you want to go with and let the OS do the typing.

Now, this is pretty cool though I question the real world usefulness of this application. However, anything that you can show to a PC user to impress them about Tiger is good enough for me.

Tip of the hat to michael for sending this  my way.


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