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Stick it to Verizon and use Bluetooth to wirelessly transfer photos from your Treo 650

Peter Rojas
Verizon Treo 650

So Verizon Wireless might have needlessly annoyed all their new Treo 650 owners by crippling the phone's Bluetooth so you can't wirelessly transfer digital photos to a PC via Bluetooth (they've disabled the Treo 650's OBEX Bluetooth profile because they want you to pay to transfer photos over their network), but Blueserker has a little tip for how you can get around the restriction. You can't transfer individual photos, but reportedly when you select "Send an Album" you have the option to beam the photos over Bluetooth rather than over Verizon's 1xRTT wireless network. Simple as that. Anyone tried it and gotten it to work?

[Thanks, John]

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