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On-Q in-wall wireless access point hides WiFi

Marc Perton
on-q in-wall access point

We'd like to have a home big enough to need something like the On-Q in-wall wireless access point, a WiFi unit that you can mount in your walls or ceiling to provide unobtrusive access from anywhere in the house. Then again, at $400 a pop, we could buy enough Motorola WA840G access points (which are the guts of the On-Q) to fill a McMansion for the price of about two of these. And, of course, since these are G units, upgrading to N will mean ripping them out of the walls or ceiling to replace them. That said, these are targeted at builders of new homes, who can incorporate them into houses, and then promote them as fully wired/wireless abodes. We'd be happy to move into a house like that, but somehow suspect that developers will mark up that $400 price even higher when factoring it into their home prices.

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