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iRobot SwarmBot: it's not just about floors anymore

iRobot SwarmBot

We all know iRobot, makers of lovable floor-cleaning friends Roomba and Scooba. They've got another robot on their roster, and it's not acting alone. SwarmBot has been designed to use distributed algorithms that enable concerted action whether in a group of 10 or 10,000 other bots. Each SwarmBot has a suite of sensors, 32-bit microprocessor, and an infrared system to provide obstacle detection, inter-robot localization and communication. All of the above is packed into a wee 5-inch cube that fits in the palm of your hand — if you can catch one, that is. Sure, iRobot says the SwarmOS is only being used in these bots, but we all know what happens when the family goes on vacation — Roomba swarm party!

[Via CNet]

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