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ATI's Crossfire doesn't utilize Tucker Carlson's radiant smile…

Ben Zackheim

...Sorry, the term "Crossfire" has been forever sullied by that crappy CNN show.

Or not.

Perhaps my psyche will give "Crossfire" a second chance, if the ATI silicon is sweet enough. ATI just announced a new tech that will allow you to get ATI SLI ASAP. All you need is an ATI video card, an ATI Crossfire Edition video card and an ATI Crossfire motherboard, and you'll be set to go! That's only around a thousand bucks…

ati crossfire

According to Gamespot…

"The CrossFire Edition card contains a chip called the "Composition Engine," which receives data from a regular Radeon X800 class video card via a DVI input. The chip then merges the data and sends out the final output to your monitor."

Great idea. But is this whole SLI thing really worth the cash outlay? Hey, if you can afford it, great. But should even the hardest core fall for two cards in one rig, especially when the odds are that a single card solution will probably kick the dual-card's fanny within a year (if not sooner)? Yes, the generational leaps between cards are not as pronounced as they once were, but they're still fast and furious. I'd think twice before jumping into this fad, as tempting as it may be. 

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