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Nextlink Bluespoon 5G review

Nextlink Bluespoon 5G

Nextlink is finally getting ready to roll out their Bluespoon 5G headset, which will take over the title for smallest (3 x 1.7 cm) and lightest (G stands for grams, natch) Bluetooth headset from the previous recordholder, their Bluespoon AX. Pocketnow has a hands-on review of the headset and overall finds it pretty slick. Some marks were withheld for having to semi-frequently swap out its four small rechargeable batteries, and for the two-button interface which made accessing some functions at times awkward. Nextlink will be selling the 5G through their website for an eye-popping $399, so this'll pretty much only be for those of you who've got some bling to burn.

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