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The Mercedes MP3 player watch

Mercedes MP3 watch (Laks)

Now, we're not sure why Mercedes feels compelled to slap their logo on anything other than automotive products MP3 players, but hey, if Harley can do it then it must be hip. So here you have it, the Mercedes MP3 watch, which will drop in the next few weeks in line with the market launch of the new B-Class. The watch features 512MB flash memory, 6-8 hours playback on a single 90 minute charge, voice recorder, and data storage mode. Lack of USB 2.0 support (USB 1.1 only) is gonna slow things down a bit, though. And hey, if it looks a little familiar (color and logo aside) that's because it's the same watch that BMW sells and both are built by Laks (which offers the same watch in a 1GB model!). No mention of price, but the BMW branded model sells for $350US. Don't know about the rest of humanity but we here at Engadget tend to use our arms. So tethering the wrist to our ear via a headphone cable is, well…not too appealing, dig. However, we don't own a Mercedes and themsfolks probably got enough money to afford Brazilian man-servants to do all their heavy lifting.

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