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DigiArmor DMS-S20 20GB DAP

DigiArmor DMS-S20

Now, there are some no-name DAPs out there, and god knows how we love 'em. Add Chinese manufacturer DigiArmor to the list, as they've thrown down this DMS-S20 player that doesn't look half bad for having emerged out of nowhere. It's got a 20GB hard drive, USB On-the-Go (aka USB Host), CF I/II slot, 1.8-inch 262K color 280 x 200 pixel TFT, FM radio/recording, voice recording, line-in recording, transfers via USB 2.0, and plays MP3/WMA/AVI (Xvid)/JPG/GIF/BMP/TXT. Dimensions are 103 x 63 x 20 mm and it weighs in at 152 grams, is available in four colors, and can be had for about $348US. DigiArmor gets a +5 charisma for the PR photo: oooooh, shiny things.

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