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Apple switching to Sun Chips

Scott McNulty

Now, this  is one I totally didn't see coming. I have always thought that Apple might switch to Intel or AMD. We have all heard the rumors of some super secret machine running in a Cupertino basement somewhere that was powered by a combination of an Intel chip and good intentions, but  Steven Frank of Panic, Inc, has the real scoop (get it? Ha!) about the big WWDC announcement.

Here's a little nugget of joy from the stevenf:

'Apple CEO Steve Jobs today revealed to a stunned WWDC audience that Apple would be transitioning to Sun Chips® brand multigrain snacks.

"Have you tried these suckers?" said the enigmatic head of Apple, referring to the "Harvest Cheddar" variety. "They're fantastic!"

The mercurial Jobs paused to stuff a fistful of the Frito-Lay-manufactured snacks into his mouth.

My favorite line, 'Citing a "ramp-up of production", Jobs committed to personally eating 3,000 bags by next summer, and encouraged developers to do their part. "Although, from the looks of things, you're all doing just fine on the snack front," said Jobs, to stony silence.'


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