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Magic Mirror makes your home smarter… and creepier

LG Magic Mirror

Okay, LG, you're not the first to come up with the idea of displaying information in the ol' looking glass (nor the first to use the term "Magic Mirror"), but maybe you're the first to make it this freakin' big. This particular Magic Mirror is supposed to provide you with updates on all sorts of "daily living" sorts of things such as your schedule, the weather, cooking (what, as in "the rest of the family secretly hated your meal"?), and "outfits" by which we must assume it puts an end to your fashion woes by telling you what to wear (though it's obviously led this model astray). LG, don't you know gigantic mirrors telling you what to do in your own home is just kinda creepy? And have you not seen Watcher in the Woods?

[Via textually]

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