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Psst … want lower cellphone taxes? Just "move" to Las Vegas

Marc Perton

cellphone Leave it to Forbes to provide a guide to dodging local cellphone taxes (hey, they are the "Capitalist Tool," right?). As Forbes' Scott Woolley points out, strapped municipalities and states are adding taxes to your cellphone bills to the tune of up to $75 a year, and the taxes are based not on your physical location but your area code. After Woolley moved to LA from NY, he discovered he was still paying his old home town for the privilege of that 917 number, so he switched to the bargain basement of Idaho and cut his annual taxes by $60 (we still question why he made the move to LA in the first place, but that's just us). Woolley is frank about the quasi-legal nature of his dodge, and says that the CA tax cops should feel free to contact him — but he also provides a handy tax map of the U.S. for the rest of us to grab. Looks like a lot of people may be making virtual moves to Nevada, where combined federal, state and local taxes are a mere 6.62% — a serious discount off of New York's whopping 21.71%.

[Via The Wireless Weblog]

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