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WWDC Stevenote <strike>MEGAPOST</strike> CHATCAST


Well, gang, it is almost here. At 10 A.M. San Francisco time, his Steveness is slated to take the stage. That's 1PM for all my fellow East Coasters. All times in this post are East Coast time.

Check back to this post for updated info from the Keynote as we get it. This will be short-bulletted info, and we'll follow up with more detailed posts unpackaging the news as the day progresses, updating the bullets below with linkage to all our posts. Scott and I are both foaming at the mouth in anticipation, so please forgive any flurried typos while we're in the process of blogging our little fingers to the bone.

For this bulleted list, Scott will be feeding me info as it comes in, while I'll be playing court reporter to his Matlock.

The Stevenote:

  • 11:30—Waiting with hearts aflutter...
  • 11:42—Pre-Keynote news: .Mac offline during the Keynote for "Scheduled Maintenance." Hmmm...
  • 12:07—Less than an hour!!! OMG!!!
  • 12:44—People are taking their seats!!!
  • 12:57—NOTE: If you want to see us reporting please don't refresh too often or you'll bring us to a screeching halt. Thank you. 3 minutes!!!
  • 1:05—His Steveness takes the stage.
UPDATE: Our servers aren't handling this. Engadget's are. Check them out here. Check back here afterwards, and Scott and I will post out iChat of the events after the jump. The Intel rumors were true! OMG OMG!!!


C.K. Sample, III: apple's page is still normal
C.K. Sample, III: the store is still normal
Scott McNulty: yeah
Scott McNulty: no new hardware I suppose
1:10 PM
C.K. Sample, III: Live from WWDC: Steve Jobs keynote - Engadget -
Scott McNulty: think good thoughts
Scott McNulty: think good thoughts
C.K. Sample, III: steve is wearing all black
Scott McNulty: noooooooooo
Scott McNulty: for the death of the G5
C.K. Sample, III: 109 stores world wide
Scott McNulty: this would all be good on Tuaw
C.K. Sample, III: yes
C.K. Sample, III: maybe we should just post this chat convo after the dust has settled
Scott McNulty: we should!
Scott McNulty: That is the best idea you have EVER had, sir.
1:15 PM
C.K. Sample, III: I'll do it
C.K. Sample, III: 16 million iPods sold
Scott McNulty: one of those was mine!
C.K. Sample, III: all the financial stuff
Scott McNulty: ahh iScott
Scott McNulty: boring
C.K. Sample, III: iPod = 76% of all players
C.K. Sample, III: I wonder if that counts P. Diddy?
Scott McNulty: Steve is still calling podcasting 'Wayne's World' radio
C.K. Sample, III: oooooh. MP3 players
Scott McNulty: that's playa
Scott McNulty: don't be a hata
C.K. Sample, III: marketshare up blah blah 430 million songs
Scott McNulty: or soemthing
C.K. Sample, III: 30 million of those were mine! (i wish)
Scott McNulty: and all of those were Pat Benatar
C.K. Sample, III: lol
Scott McNulty: trotting out Adam Curry I see
C.K. Sample, III: now he's on podcasting
1:20 PM
C.K. Sample, III: as soon as I can get in to update, I'm going to say, check out Engadget's coverage as their servers are holding up better than ours...
C.K. Sample, III: and check back here for a posted chat between me and Scott about the events
C.K. Sample, III: after it's over
Scott McNulty: yes that is the way to do it
C.K. Sample, III: Quicktime with H264 for Windows preview release today.
C.K. Sample, III: Tiger praise
Scott McNulty: sweet
C.K. Sample, III: doesn't look like they are mentioning any of my criticisms...
C.K. Sample, III: NEVER!
C.K. Sample, III: I mean, in a month when I have the time
Scott McNulty: ah ok
Scott McNulty: I am excted about the Quicktime for Windows
1:25 PM
C.K. Sample, III: I just wish they would get rid of the nagware in QT for Windows
C.K. Sample, III: wanna go pro?
C.K. Sample, III: so annoying
Scott McNulty: they won't
Scott McNulty: 2 mil copies of Tiger
C.K. Sample, III: of course, I guess it fits the platform
Scott McNulty: I wonder if TUAW is in Steve's Safari RSS
C.K. Sample, III: he's talking about wikipedia
C.K. Sample, III: next OS X release to be called Leopard?
C.K. Sample, III: I was hoping for 10.5 ELEPHANT
C.K. Sample, III: the store is still up
Scott McNulty: I had my money on 10.5 Badger
C.K. Sample, III: no new hardware
Scott McNulty: boo to that
Scott McNulty: where is my iTablet, damn it!
C.K. Sample, III: I don't know if they've ever had the store up this long and announced new hardware
Scott McNulty: I think you're right
Scott McNulty: the Web Elves usually take it down 15 minutes before
Scott McNulty: Jobs: Now, lets go to the big topic: Transitions.
Scott McNulty: here we go!
C.K. Sample, III: all they have is a big Dashboard Widget graphic on the main site
C.K. Sample, III: holy sharks!
Scott McNulty: They are amazing
Scott McNulty: Jobs has sharks on stage with him?
C.K. Sample, III: still cannot get in to post on TUAW
Scott McNulty: Are you sure those aren't Intel Execs?
C.K. Sample, III: no
Scott McNulty: I kid, I kid. We love you Intel
C.K. Sample, III: replace "sharks" with expletive of your choosing
Scott McNulty: ahh
C.K. Sample, III: trying to keep it clean for the readers
1:30 PM
Scott McNulty: Jobs: 'It's True'
Scott McNulty: Well, this is the end of an era, folks
C.K. Sample, III: put up slide saying "It's true."
Scott McNulty: AND I was totally wrong in our podcast
C.K. Sample, III: holy beefeaters
C.K. Sample, III: I am flabbergasted
Scott McNulty: Me too.
Scott McNulty: They can't see a future with the PowerPC
Scott McNulty: poor PowerPC, we hardly knew ye
C.K. Sample, III: transition will be complete by WWDC '07
Scott McNulty: that's aggresive
Scott McNulty: Ahh, so it was about power consumption
Scott McNulty: It is all about the laptops
C.K. Sample, III: I got in to TUAW and posted an update redirecting to Engadget
C.K. Sample, III: I hope...
C.K. Sample, III: it is trying to post
Scott McNulty: a victim of our own success
C.K. Sample, III: *sigh*
Scott McNulty: Dude, Apple is GOING INTEL!
Scott McNulty: wow, just wow
1:35 PMv Scott McNulty: Steve says every Mac OS X has been compiled for Intel for the past 5 years, just in casev Scott McNulty: which we all knew
Scott McNulty: I want to go to that secret lab
Scott McNulty: what else is in there?
C.K. Sample, III: As a matter of fact, this system Ive been using here the keynotes been running on a P4 3.6GHz all morning
C.K. Sample, III: OMG!!!
C.K. Sample, III: a P4
C.K. Sample, III: it seems soooo WRONG
Scott McNulty: Maybe that's where C.K. went
C.K. Sample, III: huh?
C.K. Sample, III: this is soooooo not posting
Scott McNulty: Steve has been running the whole Stevenote on a P4 3.6Ghzv C.K. Sample, III: yeah, i already said that
C.K. Sample, III: is iChat acting screwy again....
C.K. Sample, III: stoopid Tiger...
C.K. Sample, III: Scott?
Scott McNulty: Widgets, Scripts, Java just work
Scott McNulty: though that isn't shocking
C.K. Sample, III: Scott, can you hear me?
C.K. Sample, III: Theres a checkbox for builds: Intel, PowerPC that makes a cross-platform single binary.
Scott McNulty: Cocoa apps need to be recompiled and Carbon apps will need a little more work
Scott McNulty: hmm Office is a carbon app
Scott McNulty: Photoshop, carbon
1:40 PM
Scott McNulty: hmm Mathematica was ported in 5 daysv Scott McNulty: not bad

Part 2:
Scott McNulty: that's what I said
C.K. Sample, III: yeah, I saw you
C.K. Sample, III: you didn't see me
Scott McNulty: very odd
Scott McNulty: well, we are back in business!
C.K. Sample, III: anyway, I fixed the TUAW post
Scott McNulty: good!
C.K. Sample, III: so it redirects everyone to Engadget until after the storm has passed
1:45 PM
Scott McNulty: and I just changed my post
Scott McNulty: hmm Rosetta will run existing PowerPC apps on Intel
Scott McNulty: 'Fast enough'
Scott McNulty: what is fast enough?
1:50 PM
Scott McNulty has gone offline.
Scott McNulty is now online.
Scott McNulty: are you getting my IM's?
C.K. Sample, III: yes
Scott McNulty: ok just making sure
Scott McNulty: ahh so it looks like MS is going to be shipping 'Universal binaries'
Scott McNulty: (runs on Intel and PPC)
C.K. Sample, III: whoa

Part 3:
1:56 PM
C.K. Sample, III: I'm posting our chat in sections now
Scott McNulty: ok
C.K. Sample, III: man, this whole Intel switch just seems wrong
Scott McNulty: it is creepy
C.K. Sample, III: my friend, Jay, just pinged me and said "Why not AMD?"
Scott McNulty: well some say it is all about the DRM
Scott McNulty: that intel has baked in
C.K. Sample, III: gaaaaah
Scott McNulty: and AMD doesn't
C.K. Sample, III: so wrong so evil
Scott McNulty: it is true
Scott McNulty: processor level DRM
Scott McNulty: how's that for ya?
C.K. Sample, III: I think I may become a LINUX guy
Scott McNulty: hmm you are a fool!
C.K. Sample, III: it's just sooo wrong
Scott McNulty: though if Macs ship with that stupid 'Intel Inside' logo on them I will flip out
C.K. Sample, III: "let's lock down all the information that we can in a very non-internet way!!!"
C.K. Sample, III: yeah
C.K. Sample, III: tell me about it
Scott McNulty: the thinking seems to be that Jobs wants a video iTMS
Scott McNulty: with video iPd
Scott McNulty: so DRM is good
C.K. Sample, III: no it isn't
Scott McNulty: for them
Scott McNulty: bad for you
C.K. Sample, III: you can have those things without it
Scott McNulty: you pirate!
C.K. Sample, III: bad for everyone
C.K. Sample, III: bad for America and the whole world
Scott McNulty: if you aren't doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about
C.K. Sample, III: i'm NOT A PIRATE
C.K. Sample, III: that's BS
Scott McNulty: I'm just pulling your chain
C.K. Sample, III: remember the Classic to OS X switchover
C.K. Sample, III: ?
Scott McNulty: I do
Scott McNulty: it was awful
C.K. Sample, III: there were some staunch "Noooooos" to that
C.K. Sample, III: this is just soo much more
Scott McNulty: this is HUGE!
C.K. Sample, III: this is either really great news
C.K. Sample, III: or it is the beginning of the end of Apple
Scott McNulty: hmm I think overall it will be a good thing
C.K. Sample, III: and the DRM thing has me a bit worried it is the latter
Scott McNulty: remember Apple survived a similiar transition
C.K. Sample, III: btw, everyone who is reading...
Scott McNulty: to the PowerPC
C.K. Sample, III: I hereby proclaim this a CHATCAST
Scott McNulty: nice!
Scott McNulty: I love it!
C.K. Sample, III: maybe iTunes will someday support it
Scott McNulty: yes, but you will set the pref in iPhoto
C.K. Sample, III: no. In Pages
Scott McNulty: ahh that makes more sense
C.K. Sample, III: wow
C.K. Sample, III: how far off was our podcast
C.K. Sample, III: ?
C.K. Sample, III: we suck
Scott McNulty: what/ nothing big was announced
Scott McNulty: I was spot on
C.K. Sample, III: lol
Scott McNulty: no new hardware
Scott McNulty: no new software
C.K. Sample, III: is it over?
C.K. Sample, III: is there any "one more thing"
C.K. Sample, III: Gates walks out on stage and announces that Macs will now run Windoze?!
Scott McNulty: oh, by the way... just kidding about that Intel thing
C.K. Sample, III: lol

Part 4:
C.K. Sample, III: I just posted part 3 of the CHATCAST
Scott McNulty: sweet!
C.K. Sample, III: oh crap
C.K. Sample, III: your AIM is showing!!!
C.K. Sample, III: fixing now
Scott McNulty: ok cool
C.K. Sample, III: fixed
Scott McNulty: ok have to run to a meeting
Scott McNulty: I leave you to post!
C.K. Sample, III: hopefully only 30 readers got it
C.K. Sample, III: k


C.K. commentary: It is over.  I am left speechless.

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