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D.Muse iBlue bluetooth headset for iPod and cellphone


D.Muse iBlueLike the iMuff before it, the D.Muse iBlue promises iPod bluetooth integration with your bluetooth enabled cellphone — when the phone rings, a push of a button shuts off the music switching the earphones to the caller. The earphones include a built-in mic and volume control, and the whole package is compatible with the mini, Photo, and 3G, 4G iPods. "Talk time" is limited to 4 hours and (we assume) is the listening time as well — meaning, your headphone batteries are gonna die before your iPod. Unlike the iMuff, the iBlue does not support the A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) and AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) bluetooth profiles. Should you care? Oh yeah, since support for only the Hands-free and Headset profiles means you won't get the full stereo experience. But hey, if you're really jonezin' for it, the iBlue (unlike the iMuff) is already shipping for $55 green.

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