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iPod photo Connector Lets iPod 'Get It On' with Different Devices


Phillip Torrone well-known pervert hacker from MAKE:BLOG is obsessed with "connecting" his iPod photo with other devices via the iPod photo connector, and he took lots of photos of the pornography interaction of the devices and posted them here [WARNING: May not be safe for work], along with his smut observations about the interactions.

These captions are particularly telling. For example, "The business end plugs in to the iPod photo", "Female USB", and "Plugged in" are three of the early captions.

All joking aside, several of the interactions are interesting, as he's able to not only use the connector for its intended purpose, transferring photos from a digital camera to your iPod photo, but he also discovers that he can charge the iPod shuffle off of the iPod photo via this connection, and that the iPod photo is able to grab images (including videos) off of several of the devices.

The results seem inconsistent across the board and the last several pictures are just of different devices not doing anything whatsoever when connected to the iPod photo, but it's still rather interesting in that it proves the old adage "you shouldn't stick things that don't belong in other things" to be unnecessary, if not flat out wrong.


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