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Mod group turn pro, get fired

Steve Parsons

BattlefieldMod making seems to be a fast track into a full time job these days. We've lost count of the number of mod groups that have released some mods, or in most cases just one, and then turned pro. The race sim community alone has had three groups do it in the last 3 years.

Well, it's not all sunshine and caviar, as the creators of the Desert Combat mod for Battlefield 1942 found out today. They were part of Digital Illusions, the creators of the game. Dice were recently purchased by everyones favourite evil overlord, Electronic Arts. Today, in a move apparently not made by EA according to the release, but DICE themselves, the New York office was closed.

The thread on Evil Avatar that has all the info, also has a fair share of cynicism. "Let's purchase this mod group, take their mod, then fire them." Perhaps we're too jaded, but the quote from the chairman of the board certainly seems to imply that was the plan.

Gamegirl Advance covers the story as well.

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