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The Gray Kangaroo Personal Liquor Filter


Gray Kangaroo personal liquor filterLet's put the Personal Liquor Filter in terms you will understand. Imagine two MP3 players which support USB On-The-Go, one empty the other full of music protected by a highly restrictive flavor of DRM. You connect the players and voila, the empty MP3 player is now full of DRM-less music. Well that's what Gray Kangaroo's Personal Liquor Filter is all about — it filters the crap and leaves the love. Dump your favorite cheap, watery swill in one end of the filter to produce a magical tonic out the other — from a liter of Dark Eyes to Grey Goose in about six minutes. So, does it actually work? Don't know, all the interns are passed out on The Mansion lawn mumbling something about ambient bunnies. If you don't want to risk the $30 green, you can always build your own.

[Via Take It Back To Business Class]

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