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Kutaragi confirms PS3 HDD will be add-on, and will run Linux


So we heard grumblings of this last week, and now we've got it straight from the Kutaragi's mouth, plus a few other interesting details. The PlayStation 3 won't be coming with an internal hard drive, because "no matter how much [capacity] we put in it, it won't be enough." Glossing over for the moment the curious logic of imagining zero capacity is somehow better than "not enough," we move on to the news that there will likely be at least several add-on HDD options available, both locally in a 2.5-inch drive bay and in the form of some sort of network drive. Furthermore, the (optional/add-on yet curiously mandatory) hard drive will run some sort of operating system, which will likely be Linux by default — but Kutaragi envisions other operating systems running on top of the Cell kernel as applications: "other PC operating systems can run too, such as Windows and Tiger, if the publishers want to do so." Remember back when the PS3 moved out of the class of game consoles and into the class of entertainment machines? Well, now it's a full-blown supercomputer. A supercomputer running multiple OSes… on an optional hard drive? Commence head scratching…

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