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OS X 10.6 wish list

Jay Savage

Today's question: what do you want to see in Ocelot and Margay? (I've decided that should be the name of 10.6: two closely related subspecies of  leopard. I'm open to suggestion as to which is which).

Leopard has already been announced, and most of the effort there will probably go into cross platform compatibility.  But given the current release-a-year progression, 10.6 will come out in 2007 and be the first release to cater to a full range of x86 and PPC machines, from entry-level to server. What modifications do you want to see Apple incorporate between now and then?

My personal wish list:

  • pf or some other easily configurable packet filter with altq.
  • A file system that handles metadata in a more portable way.
  • A file system with more efficient journaling.
  • Secure levels and the ability to set files with immutable and append-only flags.
  • POSIX ACL implementation.
  • Wine-like execution of Windows binaries on x86 machines.
  • A Rosetta replacement that can intelligently emulate Altivec calls.
  • Open BIOS/firmware/AMT or whatever is going to give us current open firmware capabilities.
So what's on your list?


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