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Cringely predicts: Intel to buy Apple, dethroning Microsoft

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Ever the uber-sleuth, the venerable Cringely has cooked up an interesting idea about what the Apple switch to Intel is really all about, and it's not about technology. He thinks it's about business — big, big business. As in, the kind of big business that would dethrone Microsoft from its place on the desktop. His prediction: Intel will buy Apple and work with their OEMs to get products to market just as Microsoft announces yet another delay in the Longhorn release. The rationale? Intel has a vendetta against Microsoft from being played versus AMD and, moreover, Microsoft's operating system isn't challenging enough to drive Intel where it wants to go with its hardware. This strategy would see Intel and Apple both getting their revenge, and put Steve Jobs in a position to lord over a Pixar/Disney/Sony media empire. The truth is out there, people — is this it? Talk amongst yourselves.

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