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Sony Photo Vault reviewed

Marc Perton
sony photo vault

There are a lot of devices that can store digital pics on the go, most of which are hard-drive units like the Epson P2000 or iPod photo. Sony, ever the iconoclast, takes a different approach with its Photo Vault, a portable Mini CD-R recorder, which lets you dump your pics to the same 3-inch CDs that Sony uses in some of its cameras. PC Magazine took a look at the Photo Vault, and saw some real value, including the small size (4.4 x 3.5 x 0.9 inches), unlimited storage via cheap media, and low price (under $200 street). However reviewer Bill Machrone dinged the Vault for its limited flash support (like most Sony gear, this one's Memory Stick-only, though it supports most other formats via USB) and limited space on Mini CDs (with just 200MB per disc, you'll need multiple discs to back up those big flash cards). There's also no built-in image display, though you can view stored images on a TV.

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