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OS X for x86 already in the wild?

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Apple PowerBook - Intel Inside

Wow, now that didn't take very long. Apple had OS X for Intel machines (which we're lovingly referring to as OS X86) under wraps for a half a decade, and not a week after its announcement, a "developer version" is apparently already in the wild on P2P and IRC networks. Supposedly it can be installed on just about any PC box, and Rosetta and the iLife suite are fully operational; one can assume fairly sketchy hardware support though, and the finer details like updates are probably out of the question without some serious shoehorning. Some are calling this stealth marketing, but if we know anything about Apple (and we'd like to think we do), we've got a sneaking suspicion that they, just like everyone else, just can't keep a lid on their more highly coveted goods forever. Just like we have a feeling no amount of caveat emptor-ing is going to stop a lot of people from giving it a go—you know we are so not going to install this on all our boxen.

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