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DirecTV disables TiVo: accident or foul play?

Ryan Block, @ryan
sad TiVo logo

Ok, we know the two camps have had a spate of drama lately, and we're a little hesitant to actually follow through with any foul play theories, but apparently DirecTV's latest firmware update to their D10 satellite receivers disables standalone TiVos from communicating to the device via the serial link. In other words, they're distributing a mandatory device update that makes that TiVo totally useless for making new recordings (no, it isn't the case for DirecTiVos). DirecTV's response? Well, besides the standard "we're working on it" business, they're continuing to roll out the upgrade and are formally advising TiVo users to switch over to the less elegant IR-blaster. Way to, uh, stick it to TiVo users, DirecTV!

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