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Nokia busts out a mess o' Series 40 phones: 6280, 6270, 6265

Nokia 6280 and 6270

Alright, it's Series 40 madness today with Nokia, who's rolling out seven new Series 40 handsets. Let's start off with a trio of related phones: the 6280, a well-endowed 3G GSM slider phone, the 6270 that's a 2G version of the 6280, and the 6265 that's a CDMA variant of the same phone. The 6280 (above, left) is a tri-band 900/1800/1900 EDGE phone with a 2 megapixel camera, second VGA camera for video calling, miniSD slot, Bluetooth, FM and visual radio support. Its sister the 6270 (above, right) foregoes the second video camera but adds stereo speakers, making it a bit bulkier. It's a quad-band EDGE phone, though no U.S. carriers have signed on for this just yet. Last up, the 6265 is a CDMA-flavored sibling of the 6280 and 6270 and shares most of their features, but with no FM radio or stereo speakers.

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