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Sony Ericsson's Z520a fashioney phone

Ryan Block, @ryan
Sony Ericsson Z520a

We hesitate to call it a fashion phone (we actually banetered about that whole thing in today's Podcast), but SE made it clear they've set their sights on the image-conscious consumer with their new Z520a. We didn't really think the Z500a was all that much to look at the first time around, but if the Z520 has one thing going on it's the size and lightness of the device—it's much more conservative in inches and ounces than it actually looks. Expect it to have a 65k color 1.8-inch 160 x 128 pixel display (which was mighty grainy, believe you us), VGA camera, Bluetooth, and a quad-band radio that actually doesn't do EDGE this time.

Sony Ericsson Z520a

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