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Anyuser ImPhone USB thumb drive/VoIP phone

Anyuser ImPhone usb Voip drive

Much like with the Ezmax EZMP-4200P, the concept behind the Anyuser ImPhone USB memory stick is to keep you covered whilst on the go and in need of a way to make a VoIP call from some unknown quantity computer. Instead of needing to install Skype, the flash drive has integrated voice over IP circuits and software, so you can just plug it in and get immediate access to a software phone on the go. It would also cover you if the machine you get stuck with doesn't have a line in, or can be convenient if it's a desktop with line-in not easily accessible. Of course, it's also useful as a regular ol' file storage medium. These'll be out in Japan in August for about $36USD, which we're assuming is for the 64MB version (128 and 512MB versions also available).

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