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Bluetooth alleged to be source of UK crime wave

Marc Perton

bluetooth logoWe'd like to think that the great Bluesnarfing panic is behind us, but it looks like it's re-emerged in another guise. Instead of stealing data, as Bluesnarfers do, these Bluethieves grab your gear. According to the South Manchester Reporter, crooks in south Manchester are targeting parked cars that contain high-end laptops or cellphones, which they find by carrying a Bluetooth phone as they stroll past the cars. Local police claim that at least 20 recent thefts involved Bluetooth. While we suppose there may be some credence to this, we think it's equally possible that some laptop owners forgot that they had left their computer sitting on the back seat, or that the thieves took a chance on certain car models that are favored by those with the cash to spend on expensive gear. Regardless, there's an easy way to address this: just don't leave your gear in the car in the first place (or if you must leave it behind, stick it in the trunk boot and turn it off).

[Thanks, Richard]

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