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Judge rules against Pioneer's TiVos in nation-wide suit

Ryan Block, @ryan
Pioneer DVR-810H-S TiVo

Well now, we'd have thought the ruling handed down June 1st by Judge Person in LA might have caught more attention, but according to our layman's reading, a class-action law suit filed against Pioneer ended sharply—owners of Pioneer TiVos (models DVR-810H-S and DVR-57H) nationwide are entitled to some big rebates due to:

providing unsatisfactory picture quality… not [recording] as much programming to the hard drive or to a DVD disc as advertised and [taking] longer to record to a DVD disc than advertised

Ouch. So how much scrilla we talking about here? Well, if you dropped $200, $400, $800, or $2500 or more on some DVR-810H-Ss, you'll get back $25, $50, $100, or $250, respectively; if you dropped $200, $400, $800, or $2,500 or more on DVR-57Hs, you're entitled to $50, $75, $150, and $350, respectively.

P.S. PDF warning on that read link.

Update: Upon further investigation, it would appear that Pioneer has not yet actually been judged liable, and that the pending approval of settlement hearing is August 5th.

[Thanks, Chris]

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